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Who we are

A Family… that the Doors of the national Park open You

A Family… that the Doors of the national Park open You - SALE HOUSE WITH YIELD... B & B
Our Family has lived for beyond 40 years in this splendid Villa, completely and fine restructured in the 2006/2007, creating the premises for who to an pleasant vacation or a week end of relax wants to pass, to realize the choice in a precious and glad dwelling, in a familiar atmosphere.

In the 2009 choice therefore to realize B & B of class, but above all receiving, in this splendid House, with desire to share in simple and altruistic way you space and culture with the Hosts, in the respect of the true concepts of ECOTURISMO.

Our tourist activity very has become part, in little years, for a series of reasons:
- quality of the structure
- quality dell' acceptance
- strategic geographic positioning
- professionality and attendance to the Customer

We are in the National Park d' Abruzzo

We are in the National Park d' Abruzzo - SALE HOUSE WITH YIELD... B & B
National park d' Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise are constituted mainly from with of montuose chains that svettano until to i 2,200 m.
The landscape is characterized dall' to alternate itself of tondeggianti, typical summits dell' Appennino centers them, and pendii scoscesi from the typical alpine aspect.
The zone centers them of the Park is covered from the Sangro river, to which several torrents flow. Because of the carsico phenomenon, the waters often slide in underground beds in order to rise to go them, sometimes also outside of the territory of the Park.
The territory of the Park introduces two lacustrine river basins: the artificial lake of Barrea, fed from the river Sangro, and the Vivo lake of natural origin, than is found in a depression of tettonica origin to approximately 1.600 m of height.
The territory of the Park has quickly, in past, l' action of the phenomena of glacialismo and carsismo, visible anchor today in the glacial circuses in the high part of the valleys. Important is the presence of morainic warehouses, cliffs montonate along goes them, coves, cracks and doline to them.
The cliffs of the Park are in great part of limestone nature. In the zone of to Camosciara the dolomia is present, a type of impermeable cliff that concurs all' water to slide in surface being given place to colorful cascades and pools d' water.
The mountains of the Park go back to the period between the Mesozoico and the ancient Terziario, when these same zones were occupied from the sea: in fact the limestone has been originated from typical marine warehouses of the Lagunari zones and reef and in particular from alghe, corals, molluschi bivalvi and gasteropodi.
Moreover several types of sedimentation are noticed: a zone of platform, originated from oxygen sea a poor, little deep and melmoso and inhabited in prevalence from alghe and specialized animals living in little oxygenated muddy habitats and; to east a threshold zone, where an open and deep sea was present whose ondoso motion of enriched waters the sea d' oxygen allowing the life to many specialistic animals; a transition zone, an escarpment, that it joined the platform to I found them marine.

The Lake of the Cracked Mountain - Alfedena Contry

The Lake of the Cracked Mountain - Alfedena Contry - SALE HOUSE WITH YIELD... B & B
This lake is found in the National Park d' Abruzzi, of the Lazio and Molise, to little kilometers of distance from Alfedena.

It is caught up easy in car, best on foot or in bici (is distant alone 3 km from B & B).

The lake is not much large one, but it is much calm one.

Its waters are clean and limpid and walking along a path till the end of the lake c' it is a source that constantly feeds it (the Source of the Twisted River to which it is possible to go back with approximately un' now of easy distance).

E' an artificial lake and its emissary is thrown in waters of the Sangro.

The peach is restricted in some features while it is free in others. In its waters, neighbor the sides is possible to fish lost to us real, or to enjoy autumnal walks from dream